Woman Says Human Resources Won’t Use Her Name In Emails Because Of Her Unfortunate Initials

A woman, who goes by the name @thesam_show, says that human resources won't her name due to her unfortunate initials.
Credit: @thesam_show/TikTok

A woman has shared that her unfortunate initials have meant her company’s HR won’t even use her name in emails…

Choosing the right name for a baby is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make.

But even if you think you’ve got the perfect one in mind, there are some essential checks to make.

And one important thing to consider is the initials.

One woman has shared that the initials she’s been saddled with are so problematic that human resources won’t even use her name in emails.

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A woman named Samantha has gone viral on TikTok after sharing the story of her unfortunate name.

You may be thinking that Samantha doesn’t sound so bad.

But it’s when her initials come into play that things start looking pretty dodgy.

Samantha didn’t realise quite how problematic her initials were until she began working in a professional space.

When she was assigned her first workplace email, she discovered that her name was actually rather rude.

The Sam Show
Samantha says her unfortunate initials mean her company’s HR won’t use her name in emails. Credit: @thesam_show/TikTok

“I always have to have the tough conversation about how my name fits into a company email structure,” she laughs.

Samantha even explains that her initials have caused her to ‘dread’ switching jobs, as it always leads to an awkward conversation.

Hilariously, after sharing her story, other people with the same problem opened up about their unpleasant workplace emails too.

Chris Littmann (email: Clittmann), Samantha Wallo (Swallo), Patrick Ecker (Pecker), B. Allsman (Ballsman), Tiffany Estes (Testes), and someone called Rach Kelley (Rkelley) all sympathised.

However, it looks as though Samantha’s problem might just be the worst of all.

“My name is Samantha Hart,” she explains.

“And most companies use the email designation of first initial, last name, meaning my email would be ‘shart’.”

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She even reveals that HR has reached out to her on two occasions because of this naming issue.

“They told me that my name doesn’t exactly fit the email structure and would I mind if they gave me a different structure for my email,” she says.

“To which I say, yeah, I don’t want an email that says shart. Fix it. Give me something else.”

She claims she now reaches out proactively when starting a new job to try to minimise the awkward conversation.

A viewer jokes: “My cousin is a shart and my brother is phart — a source of great joy for their coworkers.”

Another laughs: “Ours was first 5 of last + first initial. One guy was gonna be McA*** so they gave him a special one.”

“We had an S lutz at one company,” a third writes.

While a fourth adds: “Mine is literally Hater so I understand.”

@thesam_showsorry if i talk about this problem too much but it is HAPPENING AGAIN!!♬ original sound – Sam Hart

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