Gran, 82, ‘Reunites With Egyptian Toyboy’ After He Finally ‘Gets UK Visa’

An Egyptian toyboy, 35, has defended his relationship with an 80-year-old gran from Britain on This Morning. 
Credit: Iris Jones via Facebook

An 82-year-old gran has finally ‘reunited with her Egyptian toyboy‘ after he has reportedly had his ‘UK visa accepted’. 

Iris Jones, from Somerset, tied the knot with 36-year-old Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham after they met through a Facebook group back in 2019.

According to the Mirror, the gran has now welcomed her husband to her home with a ‘cup of tea’.

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Jones told the publication: “We didn’t celebrate – we are just together and that’s celebration enough.

“We just had a cup of tea together. Mohamed is happy but he can’t say much at the moment. He’s one of those reserved Egyptians.”

Reportedly, Ibriham was notified that he had a three-year visa on November 3, as he had proven he would be able to move in with his wife and had passed the required English language test.

He apparently broke the exciting news to Jone while she was out shopping.

Recalling the moment, she said: “There was a lot of happy shouting and screaming. I cried in Tesco while sorting out my fruit and vegetables.

“My tears were dripping on the apples. It was amazing.”

The pensioner went and collected her husband from Heathrow, after taking ‘three buses’.

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Iris Jones
The 82-year-old gran has reunited with her Egyptian toyboy after he has finally had his UK visa accepted. Credit: Iris Jones via Facebook

Before Ibriham’s visa was reportedly accepted, Jones insisted that her partner would be ‘great for Britain’s economy’.

In a chat with The Sun, the gran explained that her husband was a ‘trained engineer’ and has a ‘good command of English’.

She said:  “All the Home Office cares about is evidence of a relationship and we have plenty of that. They want proof he has somewhere to stay too and that’s fine, I own my own bungalow.

“They are also interested in him having a good command of English. He’s passed the required English test.

“They also care about finances. Apparently, you have to have £64,000 of finances for someone to come over from the far east on a spousal visa. I don’t have this but it might be a bit different because I am a pensioner.”

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