Piers Morgan Eats Steak In Front Of Vegan Activist To Try And Prove A Point

Piers Morgan ate a steak in front of a vegan activist to try and prove a point.
Credit: Sky News Australia

Piers Morgan ate a steak in front of a vegan activist to try and prove a point.

The ex-Good Morning Britain presenter is no stranger to riling up audiences with his controversial opinions.

Whether it be his constant bashing of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle or his fanboying over Cristiano Ronaldo, Morgan certainly knows how to get a reaction.

The journalist has also had a few run-ins with vegans, including trying out a vegan sausage roll, but now he’s gone one step further.

Watch Piers Morgan eat a steak in front of a vegan activist below…

In a recent episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, Morgan sat down with Animal Rebellion spokesperson Nathan McGovern and chef Aldo Zilli. 

The trio debated back and forth on their views of the organisation’s attacks and disruptions and meat serving restaurant.

Morgan told the activist: “I think you all look pretty pasty-faced and unhealthy to me.”

“What I don’t do is I don’t go running into vegan restaurants and start screaming abuse at you all and have to be pulled out by people because you’re ruining everyone’s fun.”

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Morgan then expressed that he enjoys eating meat before his opposition responded: “I love seasonal British fruit and veg.”

The TV presenter continued to debate with McGovern and referenced how the group attacked Salt Bae’s restaurant.

At this point, Zilli interjected and revealed that he had introduced a vegan menu at one of his restaurants and has no problems with ‘vegan, veganism and vegetarian people’.

The chef commented: “So I don’t understand when it gets out of hand that these people have to disrupt our business.”

Piers Morgan eating a steak.
Piers Morgan ate a steak live on air just to prove a point. Credit: Sky News Australia

As the debate continued, a steak dinner was brought out to Morgan.

Before taking a bite out of the steak, he said: “All you’ve achieved is you want me to do this.”

Morgan continued: “Here’s my point. I love eating steak. I’m not going to stop eating steak. 

“And the very last thing on earth that will stop me eating steak is people like you with your pasty faces running into our restaurants and telling us to stop eating steak.”

After watching the segment, many viewers have taken to social media and debated whether Morgan went too far when trying to prove a point.

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Some have praised the host, with one person writing: “Not a fan of Piers but this was genius.”

Another individual added: “Never change Piers.”

“Thank you for having the voice for 99% of normal people,” a third said.

However, some called out the former GMB host and insisted what he did was unnecessary.

Someone wrote: “The same tired stunt of eating meat in front of a vegan… God you’re ignorant.”

“I know this is entertaining and brings ratings up, but damn,” added another. “Very cheap debate.”

While a third questioned: “What’s the point of inviting people onto your show and then not even letting them speak? Trash TV.”

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Written by Rosario Monachino

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