Woman Laughs After Killing Two People In Chilling Bodycam Footage

Stephanie Melgoza is recorded laughing after killing two people in chilling bodycam footage.
Credit: Law & Crime via YouTube

A woman was filmed laughing after killing two people in chilling bodycam footage.

Stephanie Melgoza, 23, was found at the scene outside of the Full Throttle bar in East Peoria with a damaged Dodge Dart registered to her name.

The incident occurred in April 2022, but the bodycam footage has recently been made public and is going viral.

It captures Melgoza’s reaction just minutes after the shocking incident happened.

Watch the disturbing bodycam footage below…

The then 23-year-old – who was a student at Bradley University at the time – was pulled over by police after reports stated that she struck and killed Andrea Rosewicz, 43, and Paul Prowant, 55.

Police reports state that her car showed heavy front-end damage.

According to Melgoza, ‘some person’ walked out in front of her and got hit by her car.

She then states that she phoned the authorities as soon as the incident happened.

In the clip, Melgoza – who was three times over the legal blood-alcohol limit –  is seen laughing and joking.

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The police is heard giving her instructions as they test her sobriety.

“I told you, it’s hard,” she says to the officer as they ask her to follow a light with her eyes at the scene.

Melgoza then adds that she would rather do ‘the walking’ test and continues to giggle.

The student tells the responding officers that she had three vodkas before driving, as reported by 25 News.

One officer also noted that she smelled strongly of alcohol, had slurred speech when talking to the police and also had red eyes.

Melgoza failed all the field sobriety tests.

Stephanie Melgoza
Stephanie Melgoza was seen laughing and joking after killing two people in a hit-and-run. Credit: Tazewell County Sheriffs’ Department

In the bodycam footage captured from OSF St. Francis Hospital – not long after the crash – she is seemingly oblivious to the seriousness of the incident.

The student is seen singing and dancing to herself before asking an officer if she can leave so she can attend class the next day.

“You’re going to jail, you don’t have a bond, you killed two people tonight. I don’t think you understand that,” the police snaps at Melgoza.

“Your car…it’s a crime scene, it killed two people tonight,” he says, adding that she was ‘pathetic’ for being so ‘careless’.

The incident happened just weeks before the suspect was expected to graduate from university.

Due to backlash, she was taken off the list of students eligible to walk in the ceremony.

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However, Melgoza was allowed to accept a diploma.

Just over a year later, she received a 14-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to four felonies – including two counts of aggravated DUI death, as per the Peckin Times.

During her sentence hearing, the now 24-year-old was apologetic over her actions.

Melgoza said in court: “I’m so sorry for everything, and I will never, ever commit anything like that again.

“I have not drank since that day. I do not plan on drinking ever again.

“I want to try to do something positive to make a difference, speak out about this and warn others about the dangers that come with drinking.”

Despite her remorse, Rosewicz’s sister wanted the judge to sentence her to the maximum 28-year penalty.

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