Man Sues Woman For $2,300,000 After She Refused To Be His Girlfriend

A man is suing a woman for $2,300,000 in Singapore after she refused to be his girlfriend. 
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A man is suing a woman for $2,300,000 in Singapore after she refused to be his girlfriend. 

K Kawshigan, who is a director at the drone company D1 Racing, is filing two lawsuits against Nora Tan Shu Mei following her rejection.

He alleges that his ‘stellar reputation’ has been damaged by her actions, and has caused him to lose at least five business partnerships.

A magistrates’ court judgment has been published, and it reveals that Kawshigan filed the two lawsuits following the breakdown of their four-year friendship, according to Channel News Asia (CNA).

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Reportedly, she told the director that she only saw him as a friend.

When initially suing Tan, it’s believed Kawshigan claimed that she ‘breached an agreement’ to improve their relationship.

However, this was thrown out by the magistrates’ court, as it was apparently labelled an abuse of process.

CNA reports that the court said it wouldn’t be an accessory to Kawshigan’s ‘calculated attempt to compel engagement’ from Tan.

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However, this hasn’t stopped Kawshigan, as he’s now suing Tan for $2,300,000 in the Singapore High Court for numerous damages he alleges Tan has caused him.

As well as allegedly damaging his ‘stellar reputation’, Kawshigan claims Tan has caused him ‘trauma’ and ‘depression’ over the past two years.

He also claims to be struggling to win new clients over.

Kawshigan is arguing that Tan has made defamatory statements against him, in regard to her saying she’s been harassed by his actions.

Another statement Kawshigan alleges reads as defamatory is: “He is unnecessarily serving court documents to me personally and he has not tried other ways available to him.”

Tan is now countersuing Kawshigan, as per CNA, and has denied a large portion of his claims.

Man upset
The man is suing a woman for refusing to be his girlfriend. Credit: Alamy

She says that the pair began having arguments and disagreeing from November 2016 to September 2020.

This apparently led to her asking Kawshigan for less communication and meetings.

Reportedly, he then asked Tan to clarify their relationship status, to which she is believed to have said they could only be friends.

In October 2020, Tan alleges that Kawshigan appeared outside her home, claiming to have filed court documents that he did not want to serve her.

In the following month, Tan reportedly received a call from a woman named Irene, who said she was Kawshigan’s counsellor.

Tan then participated in counselling sessions with Irene and Kawshigan but stopped in May 2021.

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While another woman claiming to be a counsellor also invited Tan to Kawshigan’s ‘healing sessions’ in November 2021, which she stopped attending in April 2022.

Throughout this, emails were reportedly exchanged, in which there were references to legal action.

The High Court suit was eventually filed when Tan refused to talk to Kawshigan any further.

In regards to Kawshigan’s defamation allegations, Tan is using the defence of fair comment.

The case will be heard at the High Court at a later date. 

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