Heidi Klum Faces Backlash Over Insensitive April Fools’ Joke

Heidi Klum is facing massive backlash over her insensitive April Fools joke.
Credit: @heidiklum/Instagram & @sofiavergara/Instagram

Heidi Klum is facing a massive backlash over her insensitive April Fools’ joke.

Klum, 49, is a German-American model and TV personality.

The former Project Runway presenter has been no stranger to controversy in recent years, most notably over a semi-naked photoshoot with her teenage daughter.

And now Klum is in the spotlight again – this time because of a prank that didn’t quite land as well as she might have hoped.

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The America’s Got Talent judge participated in the prank alongside her fellow judges, but the joke ended up offending more people than it made laugh.

Attempting to ‘fool’ their followers, the judges pretended Klum was pregnant.

Howie Mandel has posted a photo of the swimwear model, who is pulling up her shirt to reveal a ‘baby bump’.

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Sofia Vergara is pictured leaning in to kiss Klum’s stomach.

The post is captioned: “Congratulations. @heidiklum co-workers @sofiavergara and I are the first to know. #agt.”

Klum is captured wearing an all-black outfit with the ‘baby bump’ on display.

Vergara has reposted the image, writing: “I’m going to be an aunt.”


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Mandel also showed off his stomach with Klum pretending to kiss it – and her bump had disappeared, revealing that the whole thing was a prank.

She writes on the post: “From me to you: Congratulations,” with an April Fools sticker.

Many did not see a funny aspect to the prank and some are taking to social media to express their outrage.

One person fumes: “Excuse me, it’s 2023… this isn’t funny for so many human beings.”

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Another adds: “NOT FUNNY – goodbye!”

“Pregnancy jokes aren’t really funny anymore,” a third follower comments.

Another person pens: “Being pregnant isn’t a funny April Fools joke. So many women suffer from infertility.

“This is tone-deaf!”

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum is facing a massive backlash over her insensitive April Fools’ joke. Credit: @heidiklum/Instagram

However, one fan did defend Klum, writing: “You guys need to chill PLEASE. Stop. It’s not targeted at you and their intention was not to make fun of infertility and miscarriages.

“The world doesn’t revolve around you. If you don’t like it, scroll. It’s a damn good joke and if you can’t take it, your loss.

“People are so sensitive these days. People can’t make jokes without others bringing up depressing topics.”

Klum is a mum to four children Leni, 18, Henry, 17, Johan, 16, and Lou, 13, and recently, she has discussed wanting more.

She confessed that her desire for another child ‘depends’ on the day, but she would like to explore options with her partner.

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