Josh Peck Says He Lost His Virginity To A Woman Much Older Than Him As A Teen

Josh Peck says that he lost his virginity to a woman much older than him while he was a teen. 
Credit: TigerBelly via YouTube & Nickelodeon

Josh Peck says that he lost his virginity to a woman much older than him while he was a teen. 

Peck, 36, began his career as a child actor in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

He’s best known for his role as Josh in the American teen sitcom Drake & Josh, which aired from 2004 to 2007.

Although he was and is a well-known celebrity, Peck says he got little attention from girls as a teenager.

The now 36-year-old has appeared on the podcast TigerBelly, which is hosted by Bobby Lee and Khalyla, and candidly discussed losing his virginity.

Find out the dark story of Drake & Josh below…

Peck reveals that he lost his virginity at 18 years old to a woman who was around 15 years older than him.

At the time, he lived in an apartment complex with his mum, and they were doing some refurbishments.

Peck recalls: “We sell the TV like you do in an apartment building, you put up an ad in the elevator.

“This lovely woman buys the TV.”

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The Amanda Show star says that when he went to drop it off, he ‘got a feeling’ that can ‘only come from a woman of maturity’.

“It seems like a sitcom scenario,” he remarks.

Peck says the pair did not hook up the first time they met, however, he thought she was ‘a very cute girl’.

A week later, he was excited when his mum then told him that the woman said she needed help with working the TV’s remote control.

“At this point, I’ve just started smoking weed,” Peck recalls. “So I’m like, ‘I’m going to roll a joint, bring it over’.

“So I go over to her apartment, I’m showing her how to work the remote and I go, ‘Hey, smoke weed?’.”

Apparently, the woman said yes and after having a smoke together, the pair ended up kissing.

Drake & Josh
Josh Peck says that he lost his virginity to a woman much older than him while he was a teen. Credit: Nickelodeon

However, it didn’t go smoothly, as Peck says he was under the impression that they were ‘done’ after she went to the toilet.

The actor says that before he had a chance to leave her house, she came out and he says to her: “I thought we were done.”

But she then invited him to join her in the bedroom, to which Peck adds: “We proceeded to do everything that I’ve ever seen…

“I literally went down my list because I didn’t know if we would ever do this again.”

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Unfortunately, Peck says their situation ended a little sourly when he went on to have another relationship with a more ‘age-appropriate’ woman.

“I fell head over heels for her, and so then this girl [the older woman] is starting to call me once a week, couple of times a week,” he recalls.

“So much so that she finally starts going, ‘I’m sure your mother would hate to hear what you’ve been up to’. I’m like, ‘You’re gonna tell my mom!?’.”

Peck goes on to say that he’s still grateful to the woman, as he ‘needed someone to shepherd me through this’.

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